Weekly Gathering

Sunday Gathering

Please join us for our weekly Sunday Gathering beginning at 10 am.  Come and feel the presence of love and be amongst like-minded spirits.  Every Sunday we have a meditation, followed by a Spiritual Teaching based on "A Course in Miracles."  Woven throughout is music performed by variety of talented musicians!

Every Sunday morning at 10am

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"It is the people you meet along your Journey that reinforce your knowing that you are whole and complete, worthy of your own Love, which is God's Love.


The people of Light of Grace are all on the same Seeker's path, to find and embrace Inner Peace, which is God's Inner Peace.


You will not find hidden agendas at Light of Grace.  The people are genuine and heart-centered.  It is a Safe Harbor in a storm filled with chaos and illusions.


Grace has been a perfect complement to other spiritual practices - not a deterrent - but a wonderful all-encompassing missing puzzle piece and addition. It is God in Church without the dogma, robes, liturgy, or hymnals. The pure and raw focus without the pomp and circumstance.  


It is the constant, the Real that does not change.  You will find it each week no matter who or how many attend.  You will find the Love, the All that Is.
When you find and understand this, you will have found Home.  It is not a place, but resides within you, it is where God is.”


With Gratitude,


West Bend, WI




Sunday Mornings at 10:00am

ACIM message & Meditation




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