The Story of the Past

July 18, 2018


What is history, but a story that  once was told or written about. Created to portray a moment of one's existence, that happened one day, long ago or perhaps just yesterday.


History is the past in some place, now non-existence. It could be the re-creation of the history of the world, a culture or a personal experience.The past now non-existent, creates images and beliefs that continue to keep us in a pattern hold. Mindless, unseeing of what is before us.  Not realizing that in fact we aren't seeing anything, it is nothing but whispers of a past we believe we depicted the truth from the images that arose in our surroundings. 


When really we are trapped in a story that is but a shadow of a thought and if we just  had a bit of awareness, of these thoughts we were thinking, then perhaps there may be a crack.  A doubt of the validity, that glanced at the past. We may even see that it's a story and simply just that. Purposeless, thoughtless and imprisoning our mind.  Holding us within a history of our perception and no facts. Containing nothing of value and now it looks black. A giant gaping hole that only sucks us toward a memory extinct, and hence we look askance.


The past is the history of folklore and myth, it cannot be experienced by those in the present. The myth isn't that the tale wasn't true, but that no one's foundation should lie within that tomb. 


A tomb is a symbol of things that have gone by. Things we believe we need mourn and never let lay. That crypt is encased in the stone in our mind. 


Look upon that crack you once saw. Believe it, trust it, the truth that you saw. Take hold of your mind and choose once again, to not look at the present through the past lens.  This moment, this holy instant is a story unwritten, right here and right now. The treasure we seek while still here in a body. Tis  the unknown tapestry woven from innocence. The viewing of a moment without any structure, without thought of judgment or memory once trained.  Just experiencing this present, free of those trappings, and observe as you feel it expand and fulfill you.  As it is and watching and listening, it continues to flow, beyond our own knowing or outline of recognition. It flows and appears, all at once and it's here. That indescribable moment of when you are truly here!



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