When Did God Become a Dirty Word?

May 31, 2017



Truly God has become a dirty word.  A word that we don’t use unless we know it is “okay.” We no longer say, “God Bless You” when someone sneezes, it is just “Bless You.”  Are we even aware of the distance that we are placing between ourselves, our brother and our source? Some of us are more comfortable with other words that symbolize God:  Divine Source, the One Source, Allah, Father, Jehovah, etc. Isn’t it really all the same thing?  Aren’t we all children of God, the essence of our Father in spirit?  What is there to be ashamed of? What is it about God that we feel we have to hide? Good questions for all of us to contemplate.


We have taken the concept of God and turned it, he/she, into a man-made idol. A man in the clouds that judges us and watches us. A God made for man to fear and in all actuality, a man-made God! No wonder we don’t like the word. Is it possible that we don’t like the word anymore due to the images WE have made of God, not the other way around.

We choose to fear God, blame God and go to war over God and believe that my God is better than yours. What insanity when you really look at it. What kind of a God would that be?


What if we erased all the meaning that the world has assigned to God and instead went within and connected with God! I would tell you that we have all had an experience of this connection and that connection is unchanging and certain. The journey to our source, to the essence of who we are, is always available to each one of us. “A journey without distance,” states A Course in Miracles. It is an inward journey and it is a connection that we may choose to have right now. The truth doesn’t change just because we don’t like it or believe it; otherwise it wouldn’t be the truth. Maybe it is time for a shift in focus, time for us to contemplate what images we have connected with the word God and ask ourselves if these images are images of a loving God? If not, maybe these are false images.  


It is a challenge to have faith or believe in something that our eyes can’t see.  However, it is something that we can experience. This experience can be beyond description, it can be a feeling of love that we have never experienced in form or a body. It could be an experience of perfect synchronicity or the dissolving of perceived problems after surrendering to spirit, to God. It may be that we meet a stranger and they offer us the solution to a question we had been pondering.  Maybe as we sit next to a stream a mallard duck appears before us and does a spectacular landing for our eyes only; revealing the beauty and majesty of God.  

God is pure Love, he doesn’t love one more than another, He is not a judge to be feared. Jesus, Yogananda, Buddha, St. Teresa of Avila, Mother Theresa, all have taught these lessons. Each one has modeled and taught that we are all Sons of God – that we are never separate from our Father. That God is found through inner pathways, contemplative prayer, through our mind.


Somehow we have gotten the message turned upside down and that is why God is now a dirty word. You have the choice right now to think about things differently, to perceive the world, through God, a different way. We don’t need to seek at all, as the voice for God is always with us, just waiting for us to ask to know him. There could be nothing closer to us than our natural essence. “A Course in Miracles,” states, “God is and then we cease to speak,” because there are no words to describe the eternal, the formless, infinity, unending love. The world, at best, can only reflect these concepts. However, we can experience a shift in our consciousness and perception right here and now, if we are willing. True understanding of God will come when we remember who we truly are and return home! For now, let us embrace our God, our source, pure love – what could possibly happen but more love, feelings of fulfillment and peace, as experienced by those who have gone before us – Jesus, Buddha, etc. We are already blessed, now is the time to connect and remember the love that we already are!

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