Psychic Readings

Meet Beverly Koglin of Universal Connections


Beverly Koglin has been actively involved in the metaphysical realm for many years. Her mission is to help

others to recognize who they truly are and how they can spiritually connect with their Higher Self, to encourage

others on the Path to see the Light, be the Light and share the Light with others, and to bring others to a new

realization of their purpose and mission in this life. Additionally, she served the St. Ann's community for over 20 years.


Beverly has over twenty five years of experience in the following areas of service:

Spiritual and Hands-on Healing

Inspirational Speaking

Spiritual Counseling

Psychic Visualization

Intuitive Psychometry

Master Teacher Readings

Messages from Ascended Masters, Angels, Saints Spirit Guides and Spirits of the Light through Automatic

Writing and Verbal Channeling.

"Beverly is one of the most intuitive readers I have met.  She recently did a reading for me that provided advice on things that would help me further evolve in my spiritual growth and included positive visions for my future.  I was able to take notes during her reading (not everyone does that) and her reading was so prolific for me, that I keep the notes handy for easy reference. I would recommend Beverly to anyone, as her guided messages are both comforting and illuminating!"Love & Light, Debra Jensen 



Sunday Mornings at 10:00am

ACIM message & Meditation




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