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We are a spiritual community who welcomes all. We teach a positive, practical, and progressive approach to spirituality.


Our Spiritual Community Purpose, Vision & Mission

A place to “be”,  where people remember who they really are – where they feel loved, free of judgement and the confines of the outer world.  Joyful and at peace, one with all.

A space of inspiration, teaching, learning and communion with like- minded spirits.  To create soul connections and affirm the spirit of Christ in all so that they see the truth and in turn teach this truth.  

To heal and teach forgiveness of error and hence free the confined spirit from illusion.

To assist with the turning away from the ego and instead teach stillness and the power of listening to ones still small voice for guidance.  To be mindful of the now and the opportunities they behold.

To exhibit and teach faith – that all is always in perfect divine order.  To surrender to that higher self that sees above the dimensions our mind has been trained no longer to perceive.  To know that all is well and that peace resides within; as that is experienced, faith grows and joy with it.

To be joyful, kind and loving to all and teach love above all else.  

To create a space for children and a ministry to teach teens and the little ones, the truth of their spiritual being.  


To support multiple like-minded ministries and encourage and create ministries that go out into the community to teach the truth of the oneness of all and the truth of the Christ within each one.  

To create a supportive spiritual community that uplifts one another with love and affirmation of spirit.  A community that creates new pathways through their love of God and their connected spirits.  A community strengthened & enlightened by one another. 

To hold classes, meditations, spiritual discussion groups, Course in Miracles Groups, Services on Miracles topics, create soul circles of inspiration, Reiki Healing, Drum circles, and all other activities that support the mission of each soul returning to God through the knowing and remembering that they never really left.

To easily create and attract the prosperity to support these goals and ideals.


We look forward to hearing from you please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a tour.





Sunday Mornings at 10:00am

ACIM message & Meditation




Light of Grace, a Miracles Center

Gathering Center
10335 W. Greenfield Avenue, Ste #104

Greenfield, WI 53227
(414) 982-0021

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