Rev. Kris Nelsen

Reverend Kris Nelsen


Rev. Kris A. Nelsen was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1960 and grew up in Wauwatosa. When Kris turned 18 she traveled and lived throughout California and Oregon.  She went to college in Weed, California and majored in journalism. 


Kris always had a deep inner spiritual awareness and relationship with God.  She attended the 1st Congregational Church as a child.  As a young adult, she began an ongoing study of metaphysical and spiritual texts.


In 1990 Kris’ mother initiated her with Reiki I.  She went on to be attuned with Reiki II and practiced Reiki on family and friends.  She continued her vocational studies as well, earning her CIC (certified insurance counselor) designation and took numerous courses in business and marketing. 


After 25 years in the insurance industry, Kris yearned for deeper spiritual fulfillment in her day-to-day life. That desire led directly to a Life Coaching certification program with a focus on inner wisdom, spirit and how to connect with another on that level.  After graduating she completed her Reiki training, earning her Reiki Master degree.  In 2006 she started her own business, Still Rivers, as a mind/body coach. 


In 2012 Kris met Reverend Thomas Sherbrook, who gave her "A Course in Miracles."  She felt an immediate resonance with Rev. Tom and the ACIM message.  The "Course" brought together all of the missing pieces of her spiritual questions and spurred her on to daily study and spiritual practice.  Through daily meditation,  prayer and practicing the lessons in "A Course in Miracles" she knew she had found a true path to peace and the road home.  Kris felt a strong calling to become a minister and after years of study was ordained by Rev. Tom in May of 2015.


Beginning in July of 2015, Rev. Kris and Pastor Tom and his lovely wife Rosie Berres, formed “Light of Grace”, a ministry of St. Ann’s Interdenominational Church.  

Senior Minister / President



Sunday Mornings at 10:00am

ACIM message & Meditation




Light of Grace, a Miracles Center

Gathering Center
10335 W. Greenfield Avenue, Ste #104

Greenfield, WI 53227
(414) 982-0021


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