Biomeridian Testing

Recharge Your Life Today - with Biomeridian Testing

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you wonder if your current supplements are effective?

Would you like to regain health or simply feel your best? If so we can help.


Our lifespan may be longer, but how long we live with vibrant health has become shorter.

Whether you want to regain health or simply feel your best, I want to help you add health to your years.

I use advanced technology to identify the root cause of interference and to design a personalized natural health care plan with your needs and goals in mind.

Schedule a Biomeridian Health Assessment today and receive a comprehensive evaluation of your body’s vital functions.

The health assessment will show whether your organs or organ systems are balanced, stressed or restricted. Based on your test results and health goals, I’ll develop a customized health program for you.



• Customized and integrative healthcare that meets your needs. 
• A pain-free health screening test with an FDA-approved medical device. 
• A biofeedback graph with reliable and objective data that shows which organs or systems are balanced, stressed or weakened. 
• Homeopathic, herbal and/or nutritional recommendations to help maintain, strengthen and/or restore your body to its optimal health.
• Wellness or Life Coaching to assist you in your health journey.



Here are just a few areas:

• Weight Management
• Fatigue - Stress
• Digestive Issues
• Detoxification Program
• Interference to Healing
• Headaches

• Well-being and Prevention
• Clearing Toxin Exposure
• Anxiousness and Sadness
• Heart Meridian Stress
• Self-limiting Infections

Call today to schedule your health assessment: 417-501-9757


Schedule a Health Assessment today and receive a comprehensive evaluation of your body's vital functions.

10% of your evaluation fee will be donated to Light of Grace.


Robin Ball, PT, CMT

Over the past 4 decades, my professional and personal interests have intersected in ways I never expected. This is one of those times.

As a Physical Therapist, I had the opportunity to help thousands of patients return to a more balanced physical state. As a cancer survivor, my silver lining included an education in alternative medicine, natural healing techniques and the benefits of homeopathic and herbal remedies.

A belief in sharing information that will help others, I’ve combined my professional and personal experiences to offer a natural health care program to those seeking a more balanced life.

My desire is to serve you in a way that will help you and your body reach an optimal state of being. Remember… above all else, life should be fun! 



For more information or to schedule an appointment with Robin, call 417-501-9757

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