Offering Christian baptisms for all faiths and for all ages.


We offer Christian baptisms for all faiths and for any age. Baptisms are sacred ceremonies; a ceremony in which the light of God within a child is acknowledged and blessed. Parents and Godparents, have an integral, special, and sacred role in the child’s life. We bless them, for they have the holy task of imparting knowledge, understanding and wisdom to the child. Each child has a spark of the Divine within and we honor each and every one! We are the light of the world; every person, each moment, immortal, universal, eternal and infinite.


We would love to provide this special ceremony for your child. Please contact Rev. Kris to schedule your blessed event by sending her an email at, or call her at (414) 258-5555



Sunday Mornings at 10:00am

ACIM message & Meditation




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