About Us           

Who We Are.


We teach and follow the wisdom of Jesus as written in A Course in Miracles.  Through the practice of forgiveness and utilizing

our greatest power - our choice of teacher - Ego or Holy Spirit.

We are Spiritual Beings; eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.

We are all Holy Perfect Children of God.
We are loved and we are Love.
We are all One.
Our thoughts, through our choice of teacher, affect our perception of the world.
We are not a body, we are free, we are as God created us.
God is.

"Nothing real can be threatened,

Nothing unreal exisits,

            Herein lies the peace of God" ~ ACIM

Our Vision


To teach the wisdom of Jesus through "A Course in Miracles", creating peace and love within and therefore without. 

Our Mission.


To serve our community with compassion and love. To expand the awareness of our  true identity as spirit, through the practice of forgiveness and by joining with the Holy Spirit to see the world differently - as a classroom that gently undoes the blocks to love.

 Light of Grace  
Our Story


St. Ann’s Interdenominational Church began in Pastor Thomas A. Sherbrook’s home in 1979.  Initially he offered weddings, baptisms, “A Course in Miracles” study groups and counseling.  These activities eventually attracted a number of people and ultimately led to the creation of St. Ann’s Church.  Working out of his home, he served those who had become disillusioned with their church experiences or who had no church of their own.  Finally, he thought:  “Why not form a church that would offer spiritually-oriented self-development classes?”  Thus, the seed was planted. 


In November of 1981, after two years of searching for a suitable spiritual home, Pastor Tom, along with a small dedicated group of fellow-searchers, bought the former First Presbyterian Church on the corner of 60th and National in West Allis.  It was a church committed to bringing Christian thought into a new era of understanding.   The initial goal was to explore ways to love ourselves first, and then others…in that order.  In this process of first loving and healing ourselves, we seem to find a new and deeper personal relationship with God. 


Why St. Ann’s?  The name was chosen because it represents the feminine side of Christianity.  Tradition has it that Ann was Mary’s mother and, therefore, the grandmother of Jesus.  The name symbolizes a loving, maternal warmth, the acceptance of all without question.  It is a name that many former Catholics would relate to, thus offering them a spiritual home.  The name was chosen to serve as a bridge between traditional religious thought and the steps beyond. 


The arrival of Rosemarie Berres, at St. Ann’s, was something of an accident; although we know there are no accidents!  She left the convent in 1972 and had been privately studying spiritual subjects. She was “church searching” when, in late 1981, Pastor Tom was looking for an organist. He had heard of Rosie and called her.  Initially, Rosie turned Tom down, since she already had a full-time volunteer schedule. However, she decided to attend a St. Ann’s service.  After listening to Tom’s message, she knew she was in the right place. 


In 1983 Tom and Rosie were married and, for the next 26 years, grew the St. Ann’s organization to include: two churches, a chapel, bookstore, bingo hall and coffee house, with over 40 employees.  The organization performed thousands of weddings and baptisms.  Tom offered many spiritual development classes.  In additional to traditional religious subjects, such as bible study, people were given an opportunity to explore other interesting topics:  reincarnation, prosperity principles, holistic healing, and much more.  The church doors were also opened to an amazing group of other spiritual teachers and lecturers over the years, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Hanna Kroeger, Norma Milanovich, and Neale Donald Walsch. 


Over the years, St. Ann’s established a state-wide reputation for loving, healing, consoling, teaching, and guiding with an open heart.  In 2007, after 26 years, Tom and Rosie decided to retire.  They closed their church properties and continued St. Ann’s out of their home.  They met once each month until the founding of “Light of Grace.” 


Then a funny thing happened. In 2011, the Unity Church in Milwaukee was utilizing paid speakers each week, since their minister had retired.  They asked Pastor Tom to come as a guest speaker.  His message resonated with many people.  In 2012, Unity asked Pastor Tom to consider becoming the full-time minister while they were looking for a Unity Minister; and he agreed.  


Pastor Tom served for three years as the full-time minister and, in that time, grew the congregation from 15 people to 75.  It was during this time Tom and Rosie met Kris Nelsen and a spiritual bond was formed.  Kris brought Reiki healing services to Unity, chaired the World Day of Prayer event and eventually became the church administrator.  UCIM did hire a full-time minister in 2014 and Pastor Tom retired in February of 2015.  Kris left UCIM soon after, since she missed the deeper message of ACIM. 


After leaving UCIM, Tom, Rosie and Kris, were receiving calls regarding a lack of spiritual community and like-mindedness.  There was now another group of people, aside from the St. Ann’s group, that followed Pastor Tom’s lessons.  This group felt churchless.  In June of 2015, due to the demand of many, the three decided to form “Light of Grace.” Their new mission was to assist others on their spiritual path through – Love, Light, Joy, and Peace - a Light of Grace.  To continue on the leading edge, they knew that a modern name was needed.  The meaning of the name, “Ann,” is Grace and they felt that Light of Grace was a perfect blending of the old with the new. 


After searching for months for a location, a miracle occurred!  The original property that St. Ann’s owned was up for sale – the chapel and coffee house buildings.  It was perfect in every way for this new beginning.  “Light of Grace” is open to all and their mission is to spread the Light of Grace.  Blessings to All! 


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